Zero Data Loss

Professional CodeSys design to keep logging data on external memory when connection is lost, and you will never lose any importance data.

Full Responsive

iTrend is cloud based system with full responsive web site support all kind of screens and browsers and multi-devices compatible

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Modern graphic design, clear UI with full fill data, user interfaces are formal and friendly with any user skill

Customizable Reports

Reports are flexible and customizable, open idea for engineer to design them self for the way to represent more perspective view.

Web trend and monitoring report

Over 40+ chart types, easy to customize and design

Mobile & Tablet Supported

Premium system with flat design. It is fully responsive with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3 designed to help people of all skill levels.

Varity Charts Types

Over 40+ chart types with configurable tool, open new expercience for engineers to ake data come alive.


Alarms & Notifications

SMS Alarm is an optional for system, user can manage L/LL/H/HH parameters from back office and assign to responsible users..

Trend up any data

Customize your data with production or other factors to create different perspective of vision to analyse data, and improve your production process with iTrend.

Discover great feautres

Try live demo and find out new innovation of monitoring system.

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iTrend - Web trend and monitoring report

Great design with professional UI design and premium admin dashboard template with flat design concept. It is fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins.

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12-14 June 2019


Smart Regulator Gate Control System is an IoT (Internet of Things) system that monitors water levels, salinity and water situation both in front and behind the water gate via sensors and CCTV. The system is also able to control the water level in front of the gate by opening and closing the gate or pumping water out by pump system which can be done remotely by manual and automatic via iTrend web applications. The Smart Regulator Gate Control System is connected via the internet wirelessly with a cloud-based server system which allows the user to monitor and control the regulator gate in real-time by a computer or smartphone. Furthermore, water situation and system operation conditions are notified via social media when abnormalities of the system occurred at any time.

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Our Technology"

Itthirit in Thai means Supernatural Power, that's another meaning of "Magic". With current technology sometimes we can't believe that people can make technology like a magic, and this is the concept of Itthirit Technology as "Make magic real". Itthirit provide professional service on Software and Automation Technologies.

Software Development

On demard software development with professional team, they were hired and trained programmers directly from universities or with 1-3 years of development experience. In this way, ITC team is able to shape the developers through a combination of training and mentored, hands-on development projects.

WAGO Electronic

Incorrect assembly and poor maintenance mean catastrophic consequences for screw-type connections: loose contacts, short-circuits, shocks. Unacceptable risks that WAGO has countered for more than 50 years with quality-assured and cost-reducing components.

Read more about WAGO PLC »

Cloud Based Technology

A cloud marketplace system can be configured to communicate with multiple cloud computing environments in order to ascertain the details for the resources and services provided by the cloud computing environments for optimizing resources utilized by virtual machines.

Need additional information? Get details on solutions, licensing, deployment and more. Please send us your enquiry and approach your idea.

Our Services

Monitoring System & Remote RTU

iTrend - Web trend and monitoring report

Premium web based for trend and monitoring report, It is fully responsive web based built with Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with.

Industrial & Property

Building Automation

Itthirit Technology provided consultant and development services for building automation career, allowed user to create their own concept and idea of automation system.

Automation System

PLC with Modular Design

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is a flexible fieldbus-independent solution for decentralized automation tasks. WAGO provides a suitable interface for any application. Flexibility and freedom in planning are the major advantages of modular and fieldbus-independent devices used for decentralized automation.


Technology Innovation

More than 15+ years technology and software development, we have confident to create and publish new innovation and open new market trend from our experience, and also please to work with any team who wants to move up on technology.

What our customers say

Here are the feedbacks from our customers

"ITC designed and developed procedure to comunicate real data from production machine send to central database via WAGO PLC and show use the effective of production, this is amazing."
Canon Hi-Tech (Thailand) Co., ltd.
Loss-Time Monitoring System (OEE)
"With iTrend system, we can see factors from production machine to evaluate our product quality, and also can re-check if there are any factors are not in scope of accepted values."
SCG Wangsala
Production Quality Monitoring
"This is the powerful tool to mornitor factory power consumption, and also other enviroment parameter we need to know in production line to control the quality and power consumption for best profit."
Electrolux Thailand Co., Ltd.
Power Monitoring System

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Need additional information? Get details on solutions, licensing, deployment and more. Please send us your enquiry and approach your idea.

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